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both inwardly and out最近的2019中文字幕国语在线

The Prophecy Ch. 3This is the continuation of the previous chapter, please read to fill in any blanks. I appreciate the feedback and apologize for previous and any future grammatical errors. This story contains fantasy/magic within it and is the start of more interesting magical twists to come. If you’re not interested in the realm of seduction, fantasy, action, and adventure then you found the wrong story.“Well today just turned from really interesting to really boring, and possibly annoying in 2.5 seconds.” Luke couldn’t believe the turn of events. He had just arrived home fixing his clothes after the extra two rounds with Miss Bradley, to which she promised a third at a later time where he would enjoy something that Serina had given him. He was puzzling out what it was when he walked through the front door to be harassed by his sister while being eyed by his weary mother.His sister apparently decided to take his mother’s roll of berating him. She stood in front him posed, even though she only came to his shoulder, to give him an earful. And that she did, while she kept jabbing her finger into his chest the words roared from her mouth, “Do you have any idea what you put me and mom through?! We heard about the fight you had at school and you finally show up at 10 o’clock at night looking worse for wear? I can’t believe you, honestly…” She continued for a good while talking about how irresponsible he was, among other things. He looked at his mother for support but she just eyed him with bags that almost seemed to be permanently under her eyes. If it weren’t for her worn features and quick throw on clothes he would have thought her beautiful, he’s been with his fair share of older women lately to be a good judge. Her light brown wavy hair reaching her shoulders, wrapped about her smooth features. Her blue eyes gazed at him over the rim of her cup, and seemed to enjoy watching his sister berate him. The rest of her figure was quite normal, from the natural curve of her legs that showed from the shorts to the hidden C cup breasts covered by her loose fitting shirt that equally masked her rather slim figure.As he realized he wasn’t getting any support from his mother his eyes fell back once again to his sister that didn’t seem to need air at the moment for she had yet to stop yelling at him. After facing down a Golem and making a deal with a wendigo, he had enough of being pushed around. He turned on his mind radio and while she continued to berate, as soon as it was on he latched an anchor on her and her thoughts only mirroring her words. He forced the thought and boomed the command from his throat, “SHUT UP SAM!”After the nonstop rant from Sam the room suddenly grew quite, and both his mother and sister stared at him oddly. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves, “I’m sorry I made you worried but I promise I’m fine. Yes I got into a fight but it was in self-defense, if I have to go to school and prove it, fine.” He saw his sister drink in his words and start to flush with embarrassment, or at least he thought it was, her thoughts where completely blank at the moment. “As for why I’m late, I got a job.”His mother finally spoke, she always spoke with a calm softness that made him swear he would either fall asleep or grow relaxed at the sound of it, “You got a job? Doing what? Your only in high school, you shouldn’t worry about work.” Her thoughts of concern where clear as bell in his mind, even over the random questions his sister’s mind produced.He walked up to her taking her hands in his, rubbing them trying to comfort her, “I’m a senior in high school mom. It’s a good job, and I enjoy it. I look like a mess because it’s mostly a lot of manual labor.” Well that wasn’t exactly a lie and he really did enjoy the job, particularly the perks. “I promise everything is ok.” He smiled at her and his sister, and both started to become more flushed as he spoke.His sister eyed him like he was a stranger, “When did he grow so confident, and did he always look so tall?” Did he truly look so different?He moved into the kitchen and grabbed something to drink, he knew his sister’s eyes were on him and guessed his mother’s were as well. As he downed the cup of water he felt his dry throat ease. Having more than a few rounds of sex is a quick path to a dry throat and then some. He held a knowing smile and faced his mom, “So how was work at the hospital mom? I hope the other nurses didn’t make you do all their work again.”It almost felt strange to talk about something that didn’t involve magic or monsters. It was almost relieving if he thought about it. His mother took a moment or two to collect herself. She took another drink from her cup, “Work was no more stressful than usual. Had a few accidents and a lady who seemed to think she could walk after an aneurysm.” That caused both Luke and her to chuckle at the same time, as they chuckled together they eyed one another oddly for a brief moment before full on laughing. It felt good to laugh, it felt good to be normal for a few moments. “Other than that nothing so strange.”Luke nodded at her words, “Well first day at work put me through the ringer. Got to meet one of the bosses my instructor works for and that was awkward. But I also meet some other interesting people as well. The only odd thing today was all that work tired me out more than I thought it would. But I did get a cellphone, it’s a work perk, I’ll give you guys the number so in case you worry about me you can call or text me.”His sister had finally found herself a seat at the table. She seemed completely absorbed with the conversations her thoughts only seemed probing unasked questions about his work. She almost seemed to know that what he said had a double meaning. “If she really knew the extent of the meaning then she would lose her shit.” Luke let that thought play before smiling at his sister and then looking at his mother.He held his award winning smile as he looked at his mother and felt her thoughts through the static of his sisters, “His grown into quite the fine man. When did all this happen?” The thought seemed to dance with a proud sense of ownership, mixed with something else he couldn’t quite put his finger on. He kissed his mother on the cheek smiling, “I need to go take a shower.” He walked over to Sam and smiled more brightly, “I promise Sam I’m perfectly alright.” He kissed her cheek as well before moving towards the stairs, “I’ve had a long day at work and need a good shower.” He walked up stairs letting them pass looks between each other as he slipped into the bathroom.Like everything else in the house it was rather quaint and small. Just enough space for a tub, small sink, toilet, and of course a cabinet mirror. Right now his eyes were set on the shower and ready to wash the day off him. And what a day it was. As he turned the water on with all the events playing in his mind like an odd dance. He began scrubbing up remembering his fight with Xavier which was nothing compared to the fight with the golem. Then he was remembering all the faces of the creatures in the club. The hot water soaked his skin washing away all the grim and sweet from his body, and even the sex.God, just thinking about the sex almost stirred his cock again. But with the beating heat against his body and the multiple rounds he doubted he could have the strength to bring his member to life for more. But, what amazing thoughts stirred in his mind. Starting the day with a glimpse of his teacher’s excited pussy, leading to a hot blowjob reward, and ending with multiple rounds of sex that he was surprised he was able to survive it all. As he scrubbed his chest he chuckled to himself, images of his body melding with purple skin and soft normal breasts played their pornographic dance in his mind.He slipped from the shower, a good fifteen or so minutes later with steam rolling off his skin. Today was one hell of a day and he was going to sleep like a rockHe left his clothes to litter the floor of the bathroom as he slipped out wearing only the towel around his waist. He made his way down the hall when his sister’s thoughts entered his mind, “OH LUKE! Please don’t stop!” he had completely forgot to remove the anchor from her mind and caught the thoughts of something he wasn’t sure what to make of.He continued down the hall seeing his sister’s door partially open. He froze staring at the crack, morality arguing in his mind whether he should or shouldn’t look in. “God you feel amazing, please give me more.” His morality snapped at that finally thought he read from her. He moved about the corner and caught sight of her naked form on her bed with her fingers between her legs.His eyes widened seeing her bare flesh exposed to him. Her short cropped dark brown hair now slick with sweat and caked to her head. Her slender frame withering under her own fingers. He knew his sister was slim, and yet staring at her now she seemed petite. But he couldn’t deny she held her own sense of beauty. How could he think her only a tomboy when he saw her as she was now?“Luke break me!”As he watched her plunge her fingers inside her own body and clasp at her small A cup breasts images flooded his mind. He saw through the images that where quite elaborate playing in her mind. He towered over her and seemed to ravish her body like a machine. He watched his sister and the image torn between the wondrous sights of them both. He watched her fingers slide in and out of herself before the image itself was replaced by what she thought was his cock, a size smaller than he actually was. Boy was she in for a surprise when he would take her. Would he take her?A moral outcry raged in him, shouting that was his sister. Yet her lust poured more images into his mind, like a molten drip that dissolved that outcry away. He saw himself grip her hips as he slammed his body into hers, pulling her into him with a smack that echoed through the room. He couldn’t pull his eyes away from how eagerly she fingered herself and the images that played. Her eyes remained shut focusing on the images themselves and she seemed to be enjoying every aspect of them.Suddenly her body changed, her breasts became more developed and he groped and licked them. They were the same size as Miss Bradley’s now. She imagined him gripping those new breasts firmly and using them as handles to force himself inside her like a wild animal. The whole time she worked herself harder, her finger digging into her small breast imagining it bigger and her finger submerged into her soaked pussy pictured his cock.She changed again and now she had purple skin and slightly larger breasts, but her petite frame changed to fit the new curves. It looked strange yet alluring to have his sister picture herself as a succubus. Guilt suddenly hit him. He thought of the sex he had today, the woman he had been with, and now his sister kept changing her image to that and picturing her brother fucking her like a mad dog thanks to the anchor in her mind. He readied the command to make her stop the thoughts he planted in her while in the shower and enjoy a fantasy of her own making. “Oh I’ve always wanted this! Luke, Oh my god yes!”Her thoughts froze him and caused him to be more conflicted as he watched the fantasy play in her mind; her body now her own and covered in sweat but he wasn’t. In her mind he remained himself, never altered a bit. The only difference was he was the perfect image of himself. The slight bit of sweat after a long day’s work out, yet nothing dripping to the degree that poured from her now. His hair wasn’t altered or even looked unruly, it looked like he just got done combing it. His green eyes even shined like emeralds as she saw him stare at her in pure lust and need.He started to breathe heavily, his pants turning into groans and moans. Luke couldn’t tell if that was him really breathing and moaning like that or just the image. Suddenly he found himself no longer watching the image but being the image itself.He felt his sister’s smooth skin in his grip as he ravished her. Her body arching and bucking against him as all 7 inches of himself plunged inside her. 7 inches? He was 8 inches long. The images of his sister grew more in shock as if he had actually grown the extra inch inside of her. His mind was filled with thoughts of fucking her and only her. He groaned and growled before kissing her deeply and passionately. His hips smacking into hers, echoing in the room as his hands pinned her wrists above her head.He couldn’t identify the taste of her lips but only knew he had to have more. He kissed her more passionately and yearning for her with each moment. He pulled out of her briefly breaking the kiss as he did only to flip her over roughly and push his cock back inside her as she was on all fours. She screamed and panted in pleasure as he gripped her body and slammed himself inside herHer body shifted and he felt it change and grip his cock more, as if her body was remolding for his cock. He watched as she had the body of Miss Bradley once more, her perfect curves and amazing breasts. His sister’s hair was no longer short but long to the small of her back. His hands reach forward to grope and grip her body as he continued to rock his hips into her. His faced nuzzled her neck as they were lost in the throes of passion and her new body.He moved from her neck to grip her ass once more as her body shifted and turned purple, and her curves become more exaggerated, almost like a porn star with implants. He was confused by this, not remembering Serina having such strange curves. Yet he couldn’t argue with it, didn’t want to argue with it. He just gripped her ass and pounded her more fiercely.Her screams echoed, “Oh yes, take me, pound me. Make me your whore!”Her body shifted again, this time growing smaller but seemed to carry the normal shape for a woman, not the petite shape of his sister. Her hair was down to her shoulders and her breasts were C cups like he pictured…pictured for his mother. He watched her body hold the shape and almost shift again, about to churn his cock more.He grabbed her by her breasts, gripping them firmly as he pulled her to him with her back pressed into his chest. He leaned close whisper in her ear, “I want no other woman’s body than yours.” She seemed surprised and yet he felt her body grow smaller and hold the once petite shape it had.She groaned as she felt his cock stretch her pussy, particularly at this angle. Her arm reached behind her to cup his face, “Show me brother, show me you love my body.” He kissed her passionately and deeply thrusting and rocking his body into her small form. His hands massaged her breasts, gripping the small things perfectly in his palm. He let his fingers toy and tease her nipples as his hips rocked into hers.Her image flicked for a moment and suddenly she was straddling his lap as he was on his knees holding her up. He didn’t question this change. He merely gazed into her own green eyes that reflected his and took her. He took her body, he took her lips, he took her breasts, he took her woman hood, and he took all her lust.The image shattered in a scream as his sister bucked her hips off her bed, squirting hard on her sheets with her legs supporting her and back arched. Luke watched her as her body was enclosed in what he could have guessed was one hell of an orgasm. She finally fell down on her bed panting and breathing heavily as she was calming down from her climax. He watched enchanted by her slender frame as her small breast rose with her chest to collect air. He couldn’t turn away as he admired her sweet coated body, her tangled hair, and glistening pussy.But panic finally eroded his thoughts once more. He removed the anchor from her and walked away. He made it half way to his room when he heard a door close behind him. He hoped his sister didn’t see him. As he continued down the hall a second door closed which caused him to blink in surprise. He had no idea if the sound was his imagination, a reflection of his sister’s mind still partially latched to him, or if another door did close in his house.He was sitting on his bed letting the guilt roll through him. The panic strapped his thoughts and his moral reasoning chastising him. Finally they faded and the images, the fantasy, he had shared with his sister in his mind played out like a strange film. He leaned back on his bed and looked down to see life in his dick as it pitched a tent in the towel. He guessed it wasn’t completely out of life for the day after all.-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-He struggled to find sleep last night, the moral argument playing out in his mind. After a while his weariness won out and he was asleep, until his annoying alarm blared for him to get up. As he got dressed for the morning in plain clothes, his usual band t-shirt and worn out jeans, as he picked up where his moral argument left off last night.He was so conflicted he couldn’t imagine were he stood on this subject let alone many others. He had lusted for his sister, used his magic to share in a fantasy and ravish her body. If he was capable of this what wasn’t he capable of? He had already made his teacher flash her pussy to him? What next, make her his personal slave? Would he do that to his sister to?He made his way down stair arguing with himself the whole time on what was right what was wrong. As he found the bottom step his mother was washing dishes and his sister was eating breakfast. He sat down to join her focusing on his…well cereal. Not exactly a gourmet breakfast but he made himself be interested in his random flakes of grain. Occasionally he would look up to see his sister beaming at him. He returned her smile with a forced award winning one and the argument would start off in his mind. He quickly squashed it before it got too far.As soon as he was finished he moved his bowl into the sink. His mother smiled and kissed his cheek, “I’m off work today honey, so I guess I’ll see you after school or when you are done your job. Whichever it is” She mused that last bit of the phrase with her smile.He looked in her direction, guilt threatening to spew from his mouth. He swallowed hard trying not to puke, “Alright mom, I’ll message your phone at some point to let you know.” He moved up to her exchanging numbers. He looked at her face trying to smile but had an image of his sister’s face with his mother’s body. Then he saw his mother’s naked body replace his sister entirely. Luke forced the morals to grip the thoughts tightly as he moved to rush out the door. He gave his sister a quick kiss on the head, arguing with himself if he lingered to long for a brother or just right.He made his way to school, walking as he normally did trying to work his own thoughts and guilt from his mind. He stared at his feet shuffling along as he kept debating with himself on what he should and shouldn’t do.As he walked along a girl quickly moved out of his way. He gave a small apology while walking along. “It would be rather awkward if we bumped head’s again wouldn’t it?” That honey like voice brought Luke from his moral dilemma as he turned to face it.There she stood like the first time he saw her, long bright red hair that seemed to almost drape over her shoulders. Her solid blue eyes smiling brightly on her sweet heart shaped face. There she stood proud and confident with her slender build forming nice legs, a firm ass, and quite wonderful breasts (which Luke now knew to be C’s). She wore the same outfit as well, black skirt and sweater which only seemed to outline her beauty which he had compared to a goddess, and still does.ManiraShe smiled at him and moved closer as he just looked at her with amazement and which was made more obvious by the stunned look on his face. She giggled and gently took his hands, “You have questions, and I have some answers. Come.” Luke swore this was Deja Vu all over again, because he didn’t need much encouragement to follow her.-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-Back to where it all started. Luke sat in a little seat made by the roots of a tree, it was strangely comfortable. There they sat facing one another in the place where they had made his first contract. The trees warping and moving around them both in a dome of their trunks. He would call it the heart of a forest, but then again calling the main city park a forest was putting too much fluff to a name.She sat there watching him for the longest times, with arms wrapped about her legs and head resting on her knees. It was obvious she was waiting for the questions he had. And he had many. Yet, he didn’t know where to even begin. She waited patiently watching him with those eyes that looked like an ocean and he would willing let himself drown within that ocean.Finally he asked the one question that plagued him for an answer, “What are the laws for what’s right or wrong for someone like me?” he asked the question earnestly; thoughts of his teacher, his sister, and now even his mother fed the seeds of this question which he desperately needed an answer.She blinked at him a few times and then started laughing. It was a heart filled laugh and it bothered him. Here he poured out the biggest question he had and she laughed at him. The rage boiled over till he found himself standing and shouting at her, “WHATS SO FUNNY?!”She continued to laugh, even as he glared at her. Finally the laughing started to die out as she cleaned a tear from her eye. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh. But out of all the questions I’ve been asked first since my time here that was never the first.” He looked at her dumbfounded for a moment and took his seat once again. “Most the time they ask the limits of their powers, what can be done with them and the like.”Luke shrugged his shoulders, “Well I figured out you gave me the ability to read minds and also manipulate them to a degree.”She smiled resting her chin on her knees, barely ruining her perfect features, “You are quite clever Luke. I had a feeling you were. Yes, those abilities are yours, and as I’ve guessed you have hinted to what you call “Rules” to them.”Luke blinked in surprised, “Have you been reading my mind?”She gave a giggle that he would have called adorable, if he wasn’t worried how much of his guilt was played before her. “No I’m not reading your mind, merely gaining glimpses of events that you have lived these past few days.”“What?Why?”“It’s part of my contract. Through your eyes I see the world. I can only make a contract with…select people and my time away from my domain is…slim. Were we met was the extent of where I’m allowed to explore.”“I’m sorry,” Luke said the words on reflex and felt he truly meant it. He couldn’t imagine being stuck in a place for long time…how long has she been here?“It’s not polite to ask a woman her age now is it?” Luke didn’t realize he spoke that last thought out loud. Or did he? He couldn’t tell. “And, you have nothing to be sorry for. I’ve made my peace with events.” She watched him for a good while and spoke again, “I’ll answer your question in a moment but first I need to explain the rules of our contract.”Luke’s thoughts skidded to a halt and was at full attention with eyes on her. He watched her intently, focusing on her face.She smiled warmly, “Yes you can read people’s minds, when they look in your direction. At first. And to start you can only influence those that are willing.” Luke blinked at both statements almost startled. Questions branched off questions demanding more of an explanation. Thankfully she continued so he didn’t have to, “your powers are still new and will grow to do whatever you can imagine, the same can be said for all contracts. The only limit is the person themselves. I’ll tell you how things work to start off and you must choose to train yourself from there.” He was engrossed in her words, drinking it up like an elixir of life. “For now any time someone looks at you you’re able to read their mind while you have our contract active. And when you have latched on to that person’s mind you can read all their thoughts, no matter what the distance.” That part Luke easily figured out himself, though the second part was interesting to know.She sat crossed legged and looked at him with sincerity, “Now this next portion of the contract is part of your original question.” She took a breath, and Luke mimicked her feeling that lump in his chest tighten. “Once you have latched with someone you can manipulate them to a degree. Only those that are truly…well I guess you’d call them submissive can be forced to do whatever you wish. A strong willed person can be open to suggestion, but they can’t be manipulated like you would to someone that is willing.”Luke let the thoughts brew inside of him. He was about to ask further questions about morality when another come to mind, “Why can’t I read certain people’s thoughts?” Miss Bradley was his obvious target there, as well as the golem.Marina looked at him thoughtfully, or read his mind before answering, “In certain cases there are conditions to where a person’s mind is locked away from you. A being that is artificially created isn’t open to you being able to read them. A strong willed mind can fight against your ability as well. But the most common that I’ve noticed through the ages is if someone else as a contract similar to mine tied to them.”Luke blinked in surprise, “Wait there are more than one type of being that gives the same kind of contract?” In a way it made sense, he doubted people all over the world traveled to Renna to get the ability to use fire.“In a sense yes,” She smiled looking at the puzzlement on his face, “No two beings are alike, such as no two contracts are the same. No other being can give you my contract to read and manipulate a person’s mind, but there are others that may allow such things that are close.” Luke nodded thoughtfully letting his imagination connect the dots of possibility. Finally the thoughts came full circle to morality, “Then are there any laws to abide by? Are there any rules for a sorcerer?”She smiled at him briefly before sighing, “Sadly there isn’t. There are no consequences for your actions that you will directly be accountable for. Those that carry magic within them aren’t bound by the same laws that normal beings are, even the creatures at the club are smaller compared to people like you.”This wasn’t the answer he had hope for. Now it made his dilemma more problematic in his mind. He started stuttering and trailing off, both inwardly and out, “But…but…what about the people I manipulate? What about if I kill someone? Or…or…or if I change their lives? What if I force someone to do something that disgusts them and mentally dramatize them for life?!” The panicked questions rolled out of him so quickly he didn’t realize he had stood and gripped Marina’s shoulders.He stared earnestly into her eyes and she stared back with shock. She finally warmed him with her smile and touched her cheek, “And this is why I allowed you to make a contract with me. A man such as you will stumble and fall, that’s natural for everyone, especially a young man. But you argue with what’s right and what’s wrong so adamantly.” Her fingers stroked his cheek and his grip loosened on her shoulder. He stared at her letting the words poor in. “Good and bad intentions always have a reaction. What you choose is up to you. Morals are a code which each of us must decide for ourselves. But, for someone like you, one without limits, those morals will be the guide point. Your sister and mother do love you.” He blinked in surprised and she smiled, “As will others to come more than likely. If you wish to protect them then do so, if you wish to love them then love them. You will fight, you will love, you will defend, and you will decide. You must create your own laws to govern yourself, for no other being can.”-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-He had left her with those words ringing in his mind. Some clarity was provided but it still left many questions within him. Just like before his time with Marina seemed to not effect…well time. He returned just at the same moment he had walked off with her, he just left conscious this time.School seemed to be a buzz of noise that he didn’t remember. He knew he was distracted and didn’t care. Through each class his thoughts where on his morals and what he would and wouldn’t do with his powers. How can someone decide that so easily? When they can do anything where is the line they shouldn’t cross? Is there such a thing for a person like himself?He wandered about the school going to his usual classes, only a few thoughts of normality peeking through the moral debate he rolled about inside himself. Rumors of his fight with Xavier rose and circulated like most do. And like most stories they grew with the telling till at some point he heard the most idiotic one yet. “Luke broke Xavier’s fist by bashing his head into the punch. And then knocked Xavier out so hard that his jaw is now shattered. To finish him off he put his fist through the window without a scratch on his knuckles and kicked his car just for effect!”Just hearing the rumor didn’t help the argument in Luke’s mind. If people thought he did that over a simple fight, even just using a small bit of his magic then what would large portions like controlling a person bring?The classes rolled through him in waves, he didn’t even notice the lessons as argument after argument stripped most thoughts from his mind. School seemed small compared to the idea of what to do with limitless power and the ability to control people. Even if he only can control the “Submissive” at the moment doesn’t mean that it won’t grow to be able to control others.Even in his last class he felt Professor King’s eyes on him. She wore clothes that weren’t as baggy as usual, yet still hid her features. She eyed him here and there and he felt racked with guilt for making her reveal herself to him. “With great power come great responsibility.” How he thought that line cliché, and yet he wondered how much Stan Lee actually knew how deep it rang true.After school he found Miss Bradley waiting for him and she noticed his face. She didn’t say anything at first just letting the streets pass them as they drove by. She place her hand on his and gave it a gentle squeeze, “I know that troubled look any were, what’s going through your mind?”He didn’t want to say but at the same time he did. It wasn’t like she wasn’t the perfect person to ask. “I’m just struggling with morals.”She gave his hand a squeezed and he felt a bit better just holding it, “Well it seems you have pretty strong morals so far. You stared down Morto until you had a deal that wouldn’t make you into a thug. So what has changed?”How did he explain that one?It’s not like he could say, “Hey I have the ability to make submissive people do what I want.” He swallowed his pride and practiced his routine with his family, half-truths, “I had a dream where I forced myself on my sister. She was willing but it still felt wrong and right at the same time. I don’t know where the line I shouldn’t cross is. I’ve been arguing with myself all day about it. I mean I doubt normal laws can sentence a person to jail for using magic.”Miss Bradley chuckled and gripped his hand. As each word poured from him he felt a bit better, “That’s only half true. There will always be those that wish to judge a person’s actions cause of their own morals. Look at religion.”“I ain’t touching that monster with a ten foot pole!”This brought a laugh from her, “Yet you already have in a sense. You already know I have my personal morals, one day we may debate them with each other. But know this, your rules and morals are your own. Your strong enough to inforce those in your contract with Morto and your strong enough to set them for yourself.”He didn’t think about it at first but she did have a point. He was strong enough to stop Morto from turning him into a personal pawn and he knew what he could and couldn’t agree with in the world. So he had his building blocks for his own laws and could go from there. He breathed deeply calming what little was left of his frazzled nerves. As he gave her hand a squeeze, “So where are we off to?”Miss. Bradley squeezed his hand once more before returning it to the wheel. He missed it already. But she put her knowing smile on her face, “We are going to run an errand, and possible pick up something.”-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-By running an errand Miss Bradley meant going to one of the most expensive looking houses that Luke had ever seen in his life. However, considering her apartment was the 5 star comparison for him that might not be the best way to view it. Still, the house was daunting. It looked like it held at least 6 plus bedrooms easily, and he didn’t even bother trying to guess the bathrooms. As they approached the house Luke felt very under dressed; especially with Miss Bradley in a nice navy blue suit, with pants this time instead of a skirt, standing right next to him.They were let in by the doorman, and Luke had to resist the urge to call him Alfred or Jarvis. He was your typical middle aged butler, about Luke’s height with salt pepper hair and a clean look. The luxury of the manor was pretty predictable, all things considered. There where paintings lining the walls of different scenery and people, along with nice rugs that lined the tiled floor. The place was too luxuries for Luke’s taste, too much of a good thing and the like. He swore the place belonged on Hollywood Blvd.The doorman led them both further inside and Luke kept his head from swiveling from one astonishingly expensive item to another. Which as more difficult than he thought as they passed sculptures, and even an indoor waterfall. They made their way to the center of the manor and were walking down some stairs. About half way down the step, which seemed to take ten minutes to walk down that much, he was growing curious as to what they were doing there.After walking down the final length of steps and being asked to wait, Luke couldn’t keep his mouth shut, “Okay…so what exactly are we doing in the Kardashian manor?”Miss Bradley raised a brow and smiled, “Well I had made a promise to you and I plan to repay it.”The first thought was the third round she had promised. However, he doubted she would take him all the way to a Beverly Hills manor for that. “The ice contract!” His excitement was portrayed easily in his voice. She chuckled and nodded beaming at him and his ever growing enthusiasm. He had already gotten a hang of the fire and mind control, with Marina explaining more detail about the latter. Now he was going to try out his hand as Jack Frost.Luke’s impatience grew as they had to wait for “Alfred” to come back. Luke had to force himself from not shuffling his feet as he stared at the large double doors. After a moment or two he started to see strange designs in the door. He let his eyes travel the pattern of it and the door felt like it shifted color. The intricate designs reminded him of water dripping down an icicle. His curiosity was put on the back burner when a woman walked out.She was unremarkable with her bleached blonde hair that was in a single braid. Her figure reminded him of most the girls at his high school, small/slim with just a hint of curves. She wore a plain white dress that reminded him of a robe. He smiled at her, and was pleasantly surprised when she spoke with a serine voice that hinted to authority, “Please follow me.”Luke and Miss Bradley walked in to the large chamber and instantly Luke noticed a difference in the room, starting by his breath misting before his eyes. He resisted the urge to shiver as they walked through the room that looked like something pulled from a fantasy novel, but then again seeing a crystal room of multiple colors when you’re a sorcerer doesn’t sound so fantasy when you live in it. The walls lined with these ice crystals that changed color, the furniture that Luke saw seemed to be made of the same thing, in fact the whole room seemed to be made of the material. Everything from the tiles to the decorative chandeliers and sculptures shifted colors.Yet what stunned Luke the most was the different women that crowded the room itself. There was at least twenty to thirty of them in there. Each seemed to eye Luke and Miss Bradley in some fashion or another. Most seemed to smile with a hint of unknown behind their eyes. Yet all their eyes seemed to have a bright white gloss over them, like the color of fresh snow. But beyond that they were all different in body shape, hair length, and skin color. Just like the room each woman had a skin tone of a different shade, ranging from lime green to as dark as purple. He was about to assume he had walked in on Serina’s relatives but they gave him a different vibe he couldn’t place his finger on.Luke spotted the girl escort and Alfred starting to serve drinks around the room. This hinted to people to take their seats. Luke watched as all the woman moved to arrange themselves on a different spot and chair. Some took their place on a nice couch, others stood, some draped themselves on tables, leaned against walls, and some even sat on the laps of others. All of them wore dresses of thin, almost see through, fabric that modeled their frames. If he wasn’t feeling like his nuts would freeze off he might find the scenery before him erotic.Three woman parted themselves from the crowd, each holding a different shade of beauty in their frame. A woman with light blue skin held a slender physic that reminded him of his sister with long crystal green hair and a dark blue dress. The middle one had a crimson purple skin that wore an even dark shade of purple dress that barely covered her amazingly obvious curves (with bordering DD breasts) that was kept hidden by her blue hair. The final woman was almost a mirror image of Miss Bradley, if you got past the part where she had green skin with a pink dress that hid most of her figure.All three woman walked in unison, making their bodies dance with each step. Luke kept his breathing even, feeling the mist curly under his nose. They finally stood within arms’ reach and smiled at him and Miss Bradley. Just as they walked, they spoke in unison. Their voices sweet and almost hypnotic if it wasn’t a bit unnerving as well, “Well Bradley it’s been a while, have you brought us a yummy treat to munch on.” The whole room giggled at that comment and sent chills down his spine.Miss Bradley held her knowing smile and spoke with authority, “Quite teasing my apprentice, you know damn well why we are here.”The three women in front of them pouted, and seemed to continue speaking in unison, “No Fun at all Bradley.” They finally seemed to disconnect from each other’s sides and began circling Luke, each grazing fingers along his skin to make him feel like he was having snow dropped down his back. They then started to speak individually, as far as Luke could tell. “He is quite the specimen.”“Yes a specimen indeed.”“What a curious man.”As each one spoke on their own Luke continued to resist the urge to shiver. He couldn’t tell which bothered him more at this point, them talking separately or together. Their voices almost sounded hollow when speaking alone from the others, like a piece was missing. They stopped circling him and stood in front of him for his viewing pleasure. He’d be an idiot if he didn’t admit their beauty yet he couldn’t deny that each one did give him the sense of cold dread. They spoke in unison once more, as they hugged and caressed one another in a sultry manner, “And what do you think of us?”Luke took a deep breath, a chill washing through him. He stopped caring weather it was obvious at this point or not. He collected himself and wore his award winning smile, seemed to work so far so why loose a good tool. “Well for one, I think you really need to talk to Elsa about redecorating this place.”They seemed to pause in mid caress as they eyed him. The crowd grew still and all seemed like they were staring at him oddly. Luke swore he caught one woman with drink frozen to her lips. He was starting to wonder if sarcasm was something foreign to most mythical beings that he ran into,韩国三级大全久久网站 or maybe most people had their nuts froze off at the moment to think of something decently witty. Damn it was cold.He ignored it and continued, “So…am I in Kim K’s Manor to make a contract or watch a weird reenactment of her sex tape?”Luke could have sworn he heard Miss Bradley snort at that. But his eyes continued to focus on the three women in front of him. They slipped from each other’s arms and eyed him with a new intensity, this time he knew he shivered. He would have assumed he jumped from the frying pan and into the fire, yet the cold in the room made that analogy mute.From somewhere in the room he heard voices start to mumble amongst one another, he couldn’t tell if they were angry or put off by him. The voices seemed a mix of different sounds yet none of them seemed to carry any emotion with them. Luke couldn’t help be reminded how cold the room was and it just seemed to get colder. Alfred and the girl walked up to him and Miss Bradley handing them the drinks. He watch the only pair of normality, besides himself and Miss Bradley, move to sit and wait for those in the room.“He seems rather interesting does he not?” When the three women spoke it seemed to cut the mumbling of everyone else as they watch him. Now all eyes seemed to have returned to Luke and the shiver down his spin redoubled. Even the cup in his hand began to make his fingers grow numb. He guessed this is what to expect when asking for a contract for ice.“I’ve been called that before,” he paused letting the words stir the pot before adding, “Among other things as well. But, that’s a whole different list all together.”The three smiled at him, all wore the same small smile that didn’t reach their eyes that where void of any emotion. Look tried to avoid looking into their eyes and moved to take a drink. He had the cups to his lips when Miss Bradley shook her head from the corner of his eye. Not trying to seem rude he let the liquid roll to his lips but didn’t swallow. But from that brief touch he swore his lips where chapped and he looked like he wore lipstick from how cold it was.He didn’t lick his lips, in fear of the liquid itself so he ran his arm across his lips and acted like it tasted good. Now more than ever he focused on his actions trying to ignore the multiple emotionless stares he had pointing to the target on the back of his head. His eyes were locked on the three women and he tried to avoid direct contract with their eyes.The most slender of the three parted from them and walked to stand right in front of him. He was forced to look at her face, otherwise be assumed as meek or weak. Staring at her gave him cold chills like a winter wind whipping at his body. She continued to stare as if she was drilling that cold wind into him. He tried to focus on something familiar, less inhuman, about her. He remember his sister, and at the moment he really remembered her.He focused on the heated frame of her fingers plunging in herself while gripping her breast. Sweat dripping from her frame. He let the heat of the thought contrast with the moment as he stared at this being who seemed to want to bore holes of ice through his body. Just thinking of his sister brought a smile to his face, “If you keep staring someone might get the wrong idea, or the right one.”She blinked at him and tilted her head, at that instant she reminded him of a confused puppy. His attention was locked so hard on her he didn’t notice the other two walk up beside her till they spoke individually once again. “You truly wish to make a contract for the power of winter itself?”“Yes do you wish to hold winter’s breathe in your hands?”He took a deep breath, figured he was done with his mouth running for a moment and just nodded. The three women separated once more leaving the slender one to face him. Her voice seemed hollower than before, “Then you must choose who she is. Find the Winter’s Breathe among all of us and you shall have your contract. Find it without any aid from your master or your previous contracts”Luke’s brow raised as she slipped among the large amount of women and almost seemed to camouflage herself with the group. A new test for a different contract and this one was a puzzle, and they were being cautious against any kind of cheating. The question remained, how to determine the one woman who holds the contract from all of them. It seemed like looking for a needle in a room full of needles.He set the cup down on a nearby table, before he had to amputate his fingers from the frost bite. His eyes scanned the crowd of women, each holding a different beauty among each of them. His eyes moved over different shades of skin, from red to blue to green skinned women and of course purple. Passing over shades of different dresses, multitudes of different hair color and style. The game they had played was an old obvious one, yet he doubted the answer was simple.As he looked them over he puzzled over what he should look for. His hand found his chin, the ice flesh of his finger, caressing it as he was deep in thought. He doubted he had to look for the most beautiful one out of the bunch. Everyone had their own idea of what beauty was, so using that to determine which was the contract holder was useless. Each wore almost identical clothes, only difference was what hid and exposed what. Their hair was different as well and all their features were as versatile as snowflakes.Beauty wasn’t a factor.He looked over the crowd again trying to determine who might be considered the least attractive, that seemed more difficult than finding the most beautiful of the group. As he looked among them his eyes scanned passed the slender woman from before, making it one of the three was to obvious but then again it would be like dangling a carrot. All their body types matched one man, or woman’s desire, so trying to call one least attractive was the same as determining most beautiful. It was all based off personal opinion.So “ugliness” wasn’t a factor either.So he had to look for the sore thumb in the room. He looked among them for a good while, he knew he was taking his time but no limit was set. He knew he had one guess and he had to pick carefully. As he scanned the group again he could picture these women of different ethnicities if their skin and hair didn’t match skittles. He was sure that he didn’t want to taste the rainbow at the moment. The harder he looked the more he realized nothing stood out. This room was a perfect reflection of everyone in it. With himself and Miss Bradley being the exception.He felt like smacking his forehead.He finally removed his hand from his chin, sticking both of them in his pockets for some sort of warmth. His smile almost split his face as he locked his eyes on the crowd before him, “None of you are the contract holder.”The three stood from their places and the crowd followed in sink. All moved as one and spoke as one, and he thought just three gave him chills, “you have determined that Winter’s Breathe isn’t in this room?”Luke let the shiver run through him, he was both cold and creeped out and didn’t care if it showed. Yet his smile never wavered, “I never said that.” He forced his teeth not to chatter as he spoke. “I said it wasn’t any of you, it’s her.” His finger pointed right to the girl now trying to pour a drink into the cup he set down on the table.She set down the pitcher and with a wave of her hand the crowd resumed their previous seats. Her voice rang with pure cold authority, this almost made him more nervous than when the others spoke, “How did you know?”“Deduction,” he answer honestly, feeling his teeth threatening to chatter. “They are all too similar and obvious. The oldest trick in the book is to not hide something where you work the hardest to camouflage.” He felt his teeth click here and there but for the most part he spoke clearly. His eyes gave a brief side glance to Miss Bradley who smiled proudly, that gave him his official answer. He would hate to put on a good speech of genius only to find he was wrong.She held her hands together at waist level as she walked up to him. Her eyes stared almost as coldly as the others but he saw the emotions and thoughts flash behind them. If he wanted to turn on his mind radio he was pretty sure he’d get a head full. But, with this many people in one room he didn’t want to risk it. He was too close to be accused of “cheating.”He continued to stare into her ever thinking, cold, calculating eyes. When she spoke he almost jumped in surprise, “I Valur give you my contract. For as long as you hold it you hold Winter’s Breathe in your hands. Do you accept?” He simply nodded, words felt empty at this point. He was too excited, he had earned another contract to add to his belt. Valur spoke clearly, “Good, now disrobe.”“I’m sorry what?” Perhaps words didn’t feel so empty when he was barely keeping warm as is. She eyed him for another moment. He sighed, knowing he wasn’t going to enjoy this. As he started to strip in front of this crowd he remembered his first contract and the fun with his second contract before she sealed it. Hell, he even remembered his business contract. He wouldn’t minded if he had fun, if it weren’t for the fact that as soon as his bare feet touched the ground he felt like all his fun bits would fall off.He stood there at first trying to keep his cool but his arms quickly found his chest and wrapped about it. He was cold, no arguing it and he couldn’t even bother to hide it. The only dignity he could maintain at this point was not hunching or dancing from one foot to another. The room eyed him and he swore he caught a hint of a chuckle from Miss Bradley’s eyes. He had no time to snap at her as Valur stood before him. She eyed him for a moment before clasping his head in both of her hands. He felt like he was just shocked, yet it was completely cold. Like a lightning of pure winter shot through his entire being. He felt his body stiffen and arms snap to his sides. He stared at her with his mouth gapping open, trying to find words but feeling as if ice lake water was filling his lungs. He kept plunging deep into the cold water depths of a merciless winter, his body growing numb beyond complete feeling. He didn’t feel anything, barely saw what was in the room past the blur that moved across his vision. He swore people spoke but he couldn’t hear a thing.His senses were gone and his mind slowly following. He felt his brain trying to grasp at what was happening. Feeling the sinking cold dig deeper into his veins. He wanted to grip warmth in himself like a small torch but felt it slowly being snuffed out. He clung to that small measure of heat before it was snatched away and like a sudden wave he was enveloped in its cold embrace. He felt completely lost within this deathly cold. Luke knew he would go mad in that empty cold. Yet he found a small comfort in it, a strange light that was hard to explain. He reach for it in his mind and as soon as he touched it the cold within him shattered and he felt like he was filled with energy. A cold pulsing energy that swirled inside of him. He was breathing heavily as he found his face pressed against the frozen tile ground. He barely was able to stand up as he shivered from head to toe. If he looked in a mirror he would swear that he could see ice hanging from his limbs.Valur knelt over him like a strange angel. He looked up at her frozen to the bone and shivering so hard he couldn’t find the strength to try and warm himself. She stroked his hair and her touch felt strangely kind and warm, yet he knew her hands where cold before. Maybe it was just a comparison to how cold he felt now that her hands now felt warm. Her voice was soft and gentle, “How do you feel?”Luke tried to answer but the first moment he opened his mouth his teeth chattered and lips quivered. His breathing came out shallow and heavy as he tried to still himself. After a moment when he had collected enough of himself he answered with a quiver voice, “Those guys doing the ice bucket challenge are pansies.” This brought a smile from Valur’s face as she turned to look at a beaming Miss Bradley. She stood there posed to go to him but Valur seemed to have control of the room. Miss Bradley spoke with, what Luke guessed, an empty voice, “he needs to get warmed”Valur didn’t speak she just looked at her for a moment causing Miss Bradley to shy away for that instant. Valur turned her attention back to him and suddenly kissed him deeply. He was surprised and the groan in the kiss matched it. Yet as he felt her tongue slip into his mouth he felt the heat from it. He kissed her back, only moving his lips to drink in her heat. She broke the kiss just as suddenly as she started, “We know how to handle such matters Bradley. However, you shall join us. He needs all the warmth he could get.”Luke didn’t know what to think of such a statement before Valur’s mouth was back on his. He found more of his body working a bit as he sat up to kiss her and match her depth. Her warmth spilling into his mouth as he enjoyed her taste. Valur broke the kiss once more and helped him to his feet. Luke finally got the chance to get a good look of the room. It was just now that he noticed that he was surrounded by all the women from before but their bodies where now as bare as his.They swarmed him, almost enfolding on him. He felt hands grip and caress his frame as bodies mashed against him. He stared about in wonder before his eyes fixed on Valur who slowly slipped through a partial gap in the crowd. He saw her smile as she slowly removed her robe. But before he could get an eye full of her nice white skin the gap closed with the rainbow colors of the other woman. One had captured his mouth and he felt more heat spreading through his limbs. He enjoyed the kiss, felt the intoxicating heat flush through him from it. The kiss was broken only to be replaced by another set of lips flooding his mouth with an elusive tongue and more heat. He groaned into the kiss and felt more life and feeling return to his body. As his sense of hearing was renewed he heard the moans and groans of the crowd enveloping him. His eyes saw the mash of bodies and his eyes finally caught the erotic chaos of the entire thing.Feeling returned to his body as he felt another set of lips fight for his. They seemed to pull his head from one direction to another to kiss his lips. His sense of touch finally returned and with it was a wave of pleasure from multiple hands and lips, even tongues in circling his bodies. He felt himself grow weak as he started to fall back, losing strength in his legs. The hands clasped and lowered him down to the floor. The ice tiles sending a fresh new wave of cold chill down his back as the lips continued to kiss and lick his body, warming his flesh.A woman moved over him and sat on his face. He felt the heat rush from her pussy teasing his need for such warmth. He could get a good view of her skin for it was rather blocked by the sight of her pink pussy. But the heat was alluring, it was as if his body was starved for heat. He leaned his head up and licked the delicious snatch in front of him. As soon as he started to taste her she moaned and groaned on his tongue. He pulled her warm juices into his mouth, drinking from her pussy. She grinded and moaned on his face enjoying the pleasure she gave him and that he gave her. He groaned in return enjoying the new heat flooding into his body from the multiple lips kissing his frame and the warm juices sliding down his throat.A muffled scream escaped his throat as he drank from the woman’s delicious pussy while feeling another engulf his cock into her mouth. His moans and scream put the woman over the edge as she climaxed against his ravenous lips. The feeling was almost indescribable, the mixture of a moist wet mouth pulsing heat through him as she expertly worked his cock all while feeling a delectable pussy gushing into his mouth exploding new warmth down his throat. The woman fell off his face in gasps and moans long enough for him to let out a few of his own, which is until a new pussy sat on his face.The woman faced him so he could stare up at her eyes, eyes that were once hollow and strange now filled with one emotion. He felt her stare at him as she grinded on his mouth and tongue like a predator. He would have been worried if he wasn’t yearning for all the warmth that now coursed through his body. He was about to grip the woman’s legs and devour her pussy like a hungry beast. Yet, he found himself pinned as more women clamored for him. Sucking his fingers and teasing their own bodies with his hands.He felt absorbed in this chaotic world of lust and heat. Fingers and lips gripping and kissing his body while his member was being devoured. At some point other mouths joined the battle to possess his cock. The lips encasing his balls sucking it greedily, different lips on separate lengths of his member, drinking and licking from him. He made yet another woman climaxed before another took her placed gripping his hair like reins as she forced his already eager mouth to her wet pussy.Minutes had passed and he was still absorbed in this carnage of bodies gripping greedily for his own. He had a moment to catch his breath, after bringing the sixth woman to orgasm, when the crowd parted for a moment. He saw Valur walk up to his exhausted body, her hips swaying showing of her natural curves. Her slender frame hiding her ass yet showing her wonderful B cup sized breasts. She may not have had the body most these women had but she could carry it in a way that made her seem angelic, if it weren’t for the fact she was slowly lowering herself on him. He stared in awe as he felt his pussy grip his cock and slowly slide down. She moaned as she bottomed out on top of him with a loud groan. She gripped his shoulder pinning him down even further than the exhaustion and other woman still yearning for more of him. His body drank in all her body heat and more with glee that he felt deep within his own sex. She started to grind and ride him moaning, “Damn Bradley got me nice and ready for this.”He was about to question the statement when he caught a glimpse of Miss Bradley being forced into a 69. The slender woman from before was now on top devouring her pussy with a greed that he had come to know from these other women. She hungrily ate at her pussy just as Miss Bradley did in return moaning and bucking her hips as another woman tongued and teased Miss Bradley’s asshole. The three worked and thrashed against each other going through, what he assumed, was one of a series of orgasms.Luke was awe struck by the sight he almost forgot Valur riding him until she started slamming down on his member. He let out a surprised grunt which turned to moans of pleasure. Valur watched him with a lustful smile, mixed in with what almost seemed like a queen’s grace. With a subtle motion of her hand the woman where on Luke again, sucking his balls and licking his body. Luke didn’t know how much more he could take.Apparently Valur enjoyed watching Miss Bradley as much as Luke cause the hole in the crowd remained to watch her thrash and plead for them to stop as they both tongued and teased her ass with probing fingers. Luke was in a bliss like no other, the heat radiating from those around, Valur riding him like a wild bitch in heat, and Miss Bradley thrashing like a submissive slut. All while woman began to finger themselves with his fingers, and continue to lick and tease his body. New heat spreading through all new parts, from his fingertips, to his nipples, and places he couldn’t even keep track of.Luke knew he wasn’t going to last long, Valur kept him pinned and the other woman barley let him move enough to adjust for more assaults by their bodies. Luke’s voice finally came back after may attempts to produce a gasp from a soundless mouth. “OH SHIT I’M GONNA CUM!”Miss Bradley’s voice echoed his, “YES ME TWO!”Valurs voice grew to match theirs as they all screamed, “MY CONTRACTORS, CUM FOR ME!”The screams that resonated in those halls bounced hard enough that for a moment Luke worried they broke the room. He felt his member still pulsing inside of Valur as she shuttered on top of him. Her fingers still gripped his shoulders, nails digging deep into his flesh, pinning him as she stared into his eyes. Her body, and his, coated in sweat and sex, “Never forget the dark passions of winter.”-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-After a few moments of collecting themselves and dressing, both Luke and Miss Bradley had left breathing heavily. As they sat in the car for a while they just kept eying one another, they both looked in shambles as they had finished the “winter’s passionate orgy.” Finally Luke caved and started to laugh, he didn’t know where it came from but he laughed. It was contagious as Miss Bradley found herself laughing to. It took some time for the laughter to subside and for Miss Bradley to start the car.The drive was short as they parked in front of an antiques building just a few roads down. Miss Bradley just barely finished explaining some of the first steps to use the new contract when she asked for his feedback. “As far as I can tell I have to continue to remember that cold embrace and use it like the wind itself?”Miss Bradley nodded, “Exactly.”“Trust me, I doubt I’m gonna forget my close encounter with frostbite death.” He slipped from the car, shivering from just the memory itself, and eyed the antique shop. One of many shops on the street that most look passed. Luke would have if Miss Bradley didn’t walk up to the door, “Um…when did we get married here? Cause I don’t think I’m one for antiquing.”“Just shut up and follow me handsome.” She was still laughing a bit as they walked in. Luke’s eyes wandered about the stuff up front, multiple cabinets, glasses, mirrors, and everything else he could imagine being….well back at the manor he had just left. Miss Bradley ignored the items and walked up to the man at the desk. He looked only a few years older than Luke, maybe in his mid-20’s or so. Miss Bradley smiled and leaned on the desk, “Kalvin, did your parents leave you home alone again this Christmas.”The guy’s back was turned to her watching an anime show. Luke guessed it was either Rosario Vampire or a really bad hentai. At her comment Kalvin sighed, “It wasn’t funny the first time you used a Home Alone joke and it’s still isn’t funny the thirtieth time you said it.”“Sorry Miss Bradley, you the hot badass sorceress and I’m the funny sorcerer whose mouth gets him into trouble.” Miss Bradley eyed him as he wore his award winning smile.Kalvin finally turned around to face him, “Well a fello sorcerer, finally some new blood. Names Kalvin…obviously.” He held out his hand with a bright smile that split the facial hair on his face. The guy stood a few inches shorter than Luke with a skinnier frame than his, which was barely hidden by the flannel wear. His face was almost teenage-ish, with the angular features hidden by the stubbles on the side of his head and decent hair growth on the rest of his face. The only thing that rounded the look was the baggy brown eyes that had a momma’s boy haircut.Luke shook his hand with a smile, “Name’s Luke, most people just call me jackass.” Kalvin gave a small laugh at that. Miss Bradley folded her arms shaking her head, Luke swore she mouthed the word “boys” but kept it hidden.Kalvin seemed to be full of a strange energy when he meet Luke verses when Miss Bradley spoke to him. Luke ignored that and just smiled, “So I believe we are here for something. I sure hope it’s not a new coffee table you expect me to pay for.” Miss Bradley eyed Luke again with both brows raised for a moment before Luke put up his hands in surrender.Kalvin interjected, “Right I have your order down stairs Miss B. Took a while to fix with all the damage to the seals and the internal weaves. Don’t forget the…” Kalvin lead them to the back and continued to ramble about different weaves, seals, containments that lost Luke after the first two statements. When they emerged down stairs they were greeted with a different sight than above.The basement looked like something out of a Hoarder’s episode for a fantasy role player. The shelves where lined with different vials of different color liquids. Mixed among strange gauntlets, swords, shirts, dresses, maces, knives, and other things he couldn’t describe. Even the random boxes with strange seals on them looked like it mixed well, considering the whole place looked like a giant bomb went off on the set of Lord of the Ring.“I’ll go grab your order, go ahead and browse around a bit.” Luke just mumbled something incoherent as he wandered the shelves with Miss Bradley looking else were. She picked up random vials and looked at the labels. Luke just kept eyeing the different weapons. The last time he saw this many was when he fought Renna.“Hey Kalvin, did you get any more crushed bones of a Pixie?”Kalvin shouts where slightly muffled from rummaging in a storage area, “Not since you bought the last of it.”“Crushed Pixie bones? You sure we aren’t part of Harry Potter or Dungeons and Dragons here?”Miss Bradley seemed to ignore the comment for a moment before responding while looking at a different vial, “Different ingredients mixed can improve a contracts power for a time. Some can even grant you the effects of the being you are using.”“I’d hate to get Morto’s appetite.” He examined what looked like a worn out leather plate.Miss Bradley gave a small chuckle to that before she sighed heavily, “Kalvin do you seriously rip people off with succubus juices.” That caused Luke to almost drop a hammer on his foot, literally.Kalvin hollered back, “Hey, if they buy it I sell it.” it sounded like he was about to drop something on his head as he continued to search his storage area.“Um…” Luke thoughts raced and was nervous about the answer to his question, “Why would someone buy that?”Miss Bradley waved the vial around, “Cause it causes instant sexual arousal for anyone that gets a whiff of it.” Guilt hit Luke like a crashing plane. This explained the reason his sister was so in heat the other night… “But it doesn’t work as people think.”Luke blinked in surprise, “How so?”Miss Bradley put the vial down, “When you were with Serena her juices added to her allure making you want her more because of everything she could promise you.” Luke nodded and she continued, “But if it’s just her essence then anyone who smells it imagines the person they desire most. So even if you used it on someone and they needed relief there is no guarantee it will be you that they want.” As she passed by him she smiled almost reading him like she normally does, “I hope you washed your clothes from the other night.” She wandered over to Kalvin as he brought out a medium sized box.Luke followed in stride his thoughts whirling about in his head. If his shirt, covered in Serena, made his sister horny…then he was the object of her desires. He didn’t force her to in vision him just the women he had been with. He didn’t know if it brought him comfort or just made him more confused about the situation. Then a random thought occurred in his mind. If he did that to his sister, what did he do to his mother? Who did she picture?He walked over to the desk to see Miss Bradley caressing a curved knife with a very possessive nature. He looked at the blade and admired the nice curve and elegant handle, it reminded him of an elvish blade with a hint of demonic touch to the hilt itself, with its dark colors and unusual engravings. He admired it for a moment or two before she closed the case. “What’s that?”Kalvin answered for her, “How long have you been a sorcerer man? It’s her artifact, every magic user has one that chooses them.”Luke paused as his mind processed what Kalvin said. Then his mouth did the rest, “Ok, are you telling me we moved from Harry Potter/Dungeons and Dragons to god damn Dr. Strange?”Kalvin chuckled and smiled, “I loved that movie. I thought it was funny when his cape….” He froze in mid-sentence as Miss Bradley gave him a long side glance. Kalvin felt bashful and busied himself with collecting the sheath for the dagger itself.She then faced Luke with her usual roll of the eyes and raised brow. She then took on her teacher voice, “Yes all magic users have an artifact that can be tied to them. I only found mine a few years after I started to learn my craft. As you can see from the items in the room they can take on any shape or size, from old fashion breast plates and swords, to more moderns pocket knives. This one…” She took the blade from Kalvin, “called to me. It was as if it sang. She has been my companion ever since.” Miss Bradley paused thoughtfully before putting it down. “Luke go ahead and look around, see if anything calls to you. No matter what it is I’ll get it.”Kalvin leaned on the desk, “Come on Miss B, the odds of me having something are quite slim. I had a guy from Germany, grey hairs and all, who just found his artifact in my shop last week.” Miss Bradley eyed him again and he went back to busying himself with a random items under the desk.Luke was curious what she was thinking but decided against arguing against it, he didn’t want one of her glares at him. He went back among the shelves and wandered around a bit. Each shelf housed all manner of items, he wondered how Kalvin kept track. On the same shelf as an old roman helmet was a colt 45, and then some vials of what he hoped wasn’t succubus juices. He quickly moved passed those, he didn’t need confusion in his head right now.Luke passed bookcase among bookcase, shelf after shelf without noticing anything, beyond the fact that this guy really needed to work on his organization skills. “How the fuck do you find anything in here there Kal?”Kal smiled, “Most the time I don’t, one of my contracts just allows me to find whatever I seek. All I have to do is focus on it and BAM there it is.” His voice rang through the store and started to make Luke’s ears ring. He grunted, “Um sorry.”“Most people would assume you have a hoarding problem,” Luke moved a sheet to find a rusty chainmail that was in need of being in the trash. He jumped when he saw it move slightly and walked away from it.“Oh come on I doubt people think that,” Kalvin tried to play it off and smiled. Luke was wondering why his ears wouldn’t stop ringing.“Yes they do,” Miss Bradley busied herself with her phone and smiled at Kalvin’s reaction. Luke just chuckled to himself while he tried to clear out his ear.While having a finger jammed in his ear and wiggling about he wondered what else the guy could do, “What else you got on your belt for contracts there Kal.” Damn that ringing was insistent.“Oh that’s an unspoken rule she must have missed, hey Miss B?” She was obviously ignoring him and he grunted as he continued, “I can only have three contracts, it’s not something we commonly talk about but that’s my limit. They aren’t amazing contracts but they help me run this shop.”Luke was rummaging through the shelf to clear out some stuff because he was curious about another vial. The ringing was loud and clear, and Luke wondered were the contract to scream and making people deaf was. If his sister ever turned into a sorcerers he’d keep her from that one. “Hey whatever work pal. At least you don’t…SHIT!”Luke feel back as something latched on to his hand, it felt like a giant spider just gripped and clutched it. He hit the items behind him hard as he fell back with a loud crash of metal. He had the wind knocked out of him and groaned feeling the pain in his. For a moment he laid there and moved to get up when he caught the chainmail moving behind his back. It squirmed underneath him and snapped about his arm gripping firmly. Luke forgot completely about his hand as the metls grinded and tighten about his flesh.Kalvin jumped over the desk, “Luke get off that! It’s cursed!”Luke felt the chain grip his body and pull at him, it tighten around his limbs and squeezed on his left arm and shoulder. Luke flailed and tried to get the mail off of him. Kalvin stood in front of him hands up as if to help but kept backing away at the first hint of the chainmail moving. Miss Bradley held her blade in hand and moved towards them but Kalvin stopped her, “No if you try and cut it, it will only grip tighter!”The chainmail was completely latched on to Luke’s left arm and squeezing so tight he felt like his arm would pop off. He groaned in pain as it tightened even further. Finally a scream escaped his lip as he felt a bone crunch in his shoulder. Panic had overridden reason as he tried to punch the mail. His right arm came over his shoulder and made contact with the metal. A resounded boom pulsed in Luke’s ear as wind rushed past him.Luke sat there panting and gripping his shoulder as his ear rang with a new pitch. He could feel his shoulder flare as he gripped and tried to move it. He looked at his shoulder and noticed his hand now had a fingerless glove with engraved metal on the individual knuckles and flat of the top. He eyed it at first strangely before looking over his shoulder and letting his jaw drop at the flattened chainmail against a good size crater hole in the wall.He looked back at the stunned faces of Miss Bradley and Kalvin, “um…guys…what the hell?”Miss Bradley wore a proud knowing smile, “Well it appears you have found your artifact, the Kinetic Glove from the looks of things.”“Sweet, “he grimaced, “um…is my shoulder broken?”-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-After having Luke and Miss Bradley painfully relocate his shoulder back into place, they ended up paying for his new glove. Kalvin decided to give them a really nice discount to keep it quite that an object in his shop almost killed someone. Luke enjoyed the scolding that Miss Bradley gave him about dangerous objects and that he should get rid of them. Luke would have enjoyed it fully if his shoulder didn’t feel like it might dislocate again any second again.When they got to the car Miss Bradley declared he was going home early, apparently it’s not a good idea to push your luck with a dislocated shoulder and magic. Luke didn’t bother arguing, he just kept staring at the glove on his hand. It was amazing and seemed to fit him like…well a glove. It suited him, his style and felt just right. He kept admiring as the wind roared through the car from the open window, whipping his hair back.“I couldn’t stop admiring mine when I first got it to, that one should do quite nicely for you.” She beamed as her eyes went from him back to the road and her hand caressed the box that sat between them. He didn’t know how she felt about hers but his already scared the shit out of him and saved his life in one night. So he would have to see where this went.-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-Luke made his way through the front door feeling his shoulder pull and complain. It had lessened in the car but still hurt like hell. While he made his way into the house he looked around for his mom or his sister and saw neither of them insight. He shrugged and winced thinking himself a fool for already forgetting about his shoulder.The shower called out to him and after the run in with the chainmail of death as well as the winter’s orgy h wasn’t about to argue. He knew a shower would wash the day away and feel so much better. He found himself upstairs staring at an empty floor and shock hit him. His clothes where gone and he was positive they were still covered in Serena’s juices.He immediately ducked out of the bathroom and looked in on his sister’s bedroom. He saw her laying contently on her bed asleep with music in her ears. He watched and admired her frame as she was curled up on the bed. He wanted to go over to her, touch her and even kiss her. He snapped his mind from his sister and focused on priorities.He wandered down stairs hoping his clothes just got bunched with others to hide the smell and was tossed in the wash. He ducked through the kitchen and heard the washroom running from the other side of the wall. A sigh of relief escaped his lips. “Crisis averted” he thought with a relieved smile. He moved to leave when he heard a muffled sound coming from the laundry room. If his sister was upstairs it had to be…Luke argued with his morals once more, talking about what’s right and what’s wrong in his own mind.Finally he felt curiosity couldn’t hurt and he could look to see what she was doing.It didn’t hurt, but it did stun him. The stunning sight smacked him in the face when he saw his mother with her shorts pooled about her ankles and fingers plunging in and out of her pussy. She was moaning into his shirt as she inhaled it hard. He was awestruck to find her nice plump ass facing him as she fingered herself harder with each scent she took off his shirt. His curiosity, mixed with his hormones, made him turn on his mind radio take a peek at her fantasy man. It took a moment or two to catch her looking in his direction but he caught a brief glimpse of her eyes, as she double checked to make sure no one was watching, and latched an anchor before hiding around the corner.If he was stunned before he was completely shocked to see her imagining him.He saw through her mind him watching his sister masturbate. He heard the moans that she remembered and saw the lust she had for him as he eyed his sister and slowly grew harder by the second. The image replayed over and over in her mind as she kept watching Luke and enjoyed the sound of her own daughter. The image only altered slightly to show more of him and picture her own daughter masturbating.The moral hammer dropped in his mind, telling him to stop looking. To stop invading on her mind. How this was all wrong. How he shouldn’t be spying on his mother masturbating, and he shouldn’t have spied on his sister. Or even have shared the fantasy with her. Yet both of them pictured him as their sexual desires from sniffing Serena’s juices of his shirt. This little fact kept bouncing about in his mind.“If you wish to protect them then do so, if you wish to love them then love them.”Marina’s word’s played back in his mind erasing all doubt from it. He admired both their wonderful bodies and loved them dearly, perhaps even more than one does for a normal family. They cared for him above all else, loved him, and even lusted for him. Now, he returned their lust tenfold.His body reacted before his mind could argue any further. He walked up behind his mother and watched as her fingers started to tease her clit. She moaned and groaned picturing his naked body as she focused on it. He body hunched over the dryer. At this angle he had the perfect view of her ass and didn’t waste it. Her mind raced with images of his frame piercing her, his lips on her, his hands groping her. He couldn’t resist the urgings of her mind, or his own any longer.Her body jumped when she felt a pair of hands grip her ass and then her body stiffened when a tongue started to lick her slit. She fought at first but his expert tongue won out. She looked over hershoulder and the surprise in her mind as well as on her face was almost enough to make him stop. Yet her sweet taste was more delicious than anything he had licked that night.“What’s Luke doing? No this is wrong it’s just…oh damn that feels good!”He continued to lick her pussy, his tongue expertly working into her already soaked hole as it twisted about inside her. She arched her back hard as she braced herself against the dryer. His nose was buried between her ass cheeks, inhaling all her scent and he loved it. It was like a drug, her sweet smell and taste made him greedy as he gripped her ass more firmly forcing her against the dryer that now rocked against her.“Oh god when did he learn how to do that?!”Her moans grew into pants and screams through his shirt. She had decided to bite into it to keep her sounds of pleasure under control. But with Luke’s mind latched to her he heard every scream as if it rang clear mixed in with the shuttering thoughts of lust caused by his ever greedy tongue. Luke was only encouraged as he worked her pussy with his tongue, feeling the dryer press and rock against her clit sending her thrashing about. Her mind was a mixing bowl of pleasure and bliss. She was being worked from both sides, one by a dryer on heavy and the other by her son’s practiced tongue. Her mind worked to grip on to something besides the pleasure and was failing miserably. She didn’t hold out long before she howled through the shirt in an orgasm that Luke had to drink or get coated in it. The spray coated the back of his throat and drenched his tongue. He gulped it down enjoying the sweet nectar before standing up watching her lay against the drier completely spent. “My god, my son just brought me to orgasm just with his tongue. It was amazing!” Yet he wasn’t done with her yet.He had fished out his cock and started sliding it against the lips of her pussy. The shirt finally fell from her mouth as she tried to stop him, “Luke don’t! Wait! We have gone too far already.” Her thoughts betrayed her own words, “Oh please don’t let him do it. It’ll feel so good I’ll break.” His cock slide inside of her easily and her hand only moved to grip his shoulder. He ignored the painin his shoulder as she gripped it and enjoyed the blissful pleasure of his cock inside his own mother.His body started to rock against hers and he was surprised when she took the lead and rocked her body against his till he was completely inside of her. She moaned and buried her face in his shirt to prevent the moan from turning to a scream. He felt his cock fully inside his mother and enjoyed the flexing walls gripping and milking his cock. His mind was going numb with her screams and urges echoing with her pleasure inside of his own skull. It only seemed to double his own desire and pleasure.He pressed her firmly against the dryer and just hammered away at her body. His hips thrusting against hers. Her ass smacking against his stomach as he felt the dryer rock and vibrate her body. Her mind was going blank from pleasure and he felt his own start to slip as well. Her mind flooded his with the bliss of the dryer vibrating and rocking against her clit as Luke filled her soaked hole.Time seemed irrelevant within Luke’s own mind that was filled with his and his mother’s lust. They may have been there for only minutes or even an hour, nether seemed to care as the orgasm rocked their bodies and Luke pumped his seed into his mother’s eager cunt. He felt her walls grip and milk his member just as he felt in her mind how his cock stretched and molded into the shape of his dick while being pumped full of his seed.His mother finally turned her chest to face him and smiled brightly as she cupped his face, “My god you have become such a handsome man. So confident, so strong…” she moaned as she wiggled her hips on his dick, “So powerful.” Her mind finished the trail of thoughts within her, “God I can’t tell if I’m a terrible mother or a lucky one. This was incredible.”Without even trying Luke’s thoughts wandered into her own and she heard his voice clear as bell in her own mind, “Want to go again?” Her mind was buzzing with possibilities of right and wrong, almost like his moral struggles. But unlike his, she decided quickly as she began to smash her ass against his chest and worked more of his cock inside of her churning more of his seed about in her drenched cum covered hole.Luke didn’t know if this was right or wrong. He knew it felt right. He knew he loved his mother. He knew he loved his sister. He knew he would love them both, make love to them both, and possibly find love in other places as well. Professor King might be an interesting place to look outside of the family. He didn’t know what laws he would set, what he would count as wrong, but he knew in the embrace of his mother’s body that this was right. More importantly, he knew that loving his family, emotionally and physically, would never be boring.I due apologize for how long it took me to write the next chapter. Be assured that more chapters will be posted, but it may take some time. I appreciate all the positive feedback and urge you to continue providing them, I’ll write more interesting chapters and even take suggestions. Depending on certain suggestions I might even alter the story in that direction. Here is the chance to add and adjust a story. Even if you don’t see any changes I wouldn’t mind some positive feedback. Hope to hear from you all.



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